World Padel Tour could let players without a contract compete

World Padel Tour could let players without a contract compete

Padel Alto's teammates anticipate great news. Players without a contract for this season will be able to participate in WPT

PadelInside .- Just like they assure on their website: "World Padel Tour has communicated to the PPA (Men's Players Association), with Alejandro Galán as President... That even those who do not have a contract beyond 2023 They will be able to register in all WPT competitions during the season”.

This is great news since many professionals were in this situation. Until 2022 there was no type of problem to dispute WPT but, for this campaign, everything indicated that if they did not sign the new contract presented months ago by Álex Corretja... Those players would be left without being able to take part in it.

Remember that there is a party that has a contract with World Padel Tour until the end of 2023. Them, even if they do not renew with the Circuit, can participate in it. The problem lay in those who did not have a contract.

This was a situation that both the PPA and the IPPA denounced a few weeks ago... Those who considered that this decision: "Attentive to the most basic principles of good faith in sport. Those who from this position of prevalence promote, promote and put into practice these behaviors deserve only the greatest moral reproach and sports ethics. They are aware that many of the players who will not be able to participate if they do not submit to their conditions, They are minors".

Fortunately, it seems that since World Padel Tour they will reconsider their position... In search of the dispute of a season as 'normal' as possible.

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