Wilson Bella Pro V2: The shovel you need to be the best

Wilson Bella Pro V2: The shovel you need to be the best

Welcome to the analysis of the Wilson Bela Pro V2. From Our Paddle present us one of the most anticipated Wilson rackets of the season

PadelInside .- It is a racket that has been designed and manufactured with the highest quality to improve your game.. In this article, We are going to delve into all its features and benefits... Including its aerodynamic design and the technological advances that this edition presents. You won't want to miss this opportunity to improve your game and become a padel professional!!

Maximum power racket for Professional Players

The Wilson Bela Pro V2 is the perfect racket for offensive players. if you're looking for power, force, attack, forcefulness, power and aggressiveness in your paddle game, then this shovel is for you. It has been created to improve the performance of the most aggressive and offensive players., It will allow you to generate a great amount of power in your shots and send the ball to the other side of the court with ease.. This power can be noticed when making shots and wanting to get the ball over the walls, O well, when carrying out offensive volleys that unbalance the opponent.

Talking about the level of play, It is the ideal model for gamers professionals Y advanced. If you have experience with power rackets and are looking for a high-end racket that will allow you to achieve exceptional performance on the field, Is the best option. Belongs to the Bella series, that contains the paddle tennis rackets authorized by Fernando Belasteguín, a living padel legend.

A padel racket with a hard touch and construction 100% Carbon

The racket has been manufactured with one of the best materials on the market: the carbon. This material is known for its durability and strength., and has been chosen both for the marco as for the plans. By using carbon in manufacturing, a shovel has been created that is very resistant Y lasting, which means that you will be able to enjoy its full performance for a long time. Besides, carbon is a very light material, so the racket is very easy to handle and you will not get so tired when using it during long matches.

specifically, a has been chosen Carbono 3K for faces. This carbon fiber is stronger than many on the market, making the touch drier and harder for the offensive game. For your part, the frame also has a composition 100% carbon, to bring stability and resistance to the highest level.

For your part, the core of the blade is made up of a high density EVA foam. This means that it is more rigid and tougher than the classic Gum Eve. This type of rubber is usually chosen for power blades, because the hard touch benefits the arm strength of offensive players. Nevertheless, as it belongs to the family of Eva rubbers, does not lose its properties elasticity, vibration absorbency Y rebound for the ball.

Wilson Bela Pro V2 High-End Technologies

In addition to all the features mentioned above, the racket has additional technologies that take performance to the professional level. These technologies are presented as add-ons to make it even more eye-catching..

One of the main technologies is Spin Effect Grip. This is a textured surface for planes, so that the ball has more spin when shooting and also a better feeling of hitting. Besides, the faces also present Sharp Hole, intelligent hole positioning technology, that improves the bounce of the ball when impacting with the faces.

The handle of the shovel has the grip Shock Shield installed, made with polyurethane. Provides excellent grip, with strong adhesion and cushioning to hold the racket more comfortably. Besides, also has a detachable wrist lanyard, so you can choose the rope of the material or color that you prefer.

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