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Valladolid Master: The title will be decided in a duel of the titans

Italy Major: The excitement is rising in the moment of truth

Fernando Belasteguín – Arturo Coello will play the title of the second Master of the season against Ale Galán – Juan Lebrón. All ready for a game

PadelInside .- The semifinal day of the second Master of the year began with a true highlight... Nothing more and nothing less than the clash that would measure the forces of Ale Galán - Juan Lebrón with those of Juan Tello - Fede Chingotto.

A very close match was expected and expectations were far exceeded... In an endless clash, the four contenders brought out the best shots of their repertoires… Which gave way to a spectacular exchange of shots that was decided in the third set!!!

Very in tune at all times, the numbers 1 they jumped very plugged into the track and, before your audience, they got ahead on the scoreboard (6-1). In the second part, the two young Argentines decided to take a step forward… And they achieved their goal of forcing the third and final round (6-1 Y 1-6).

In her, fans present in the Plaza Mayor were able to enjoy a wonderful show. Both couples clenched their fists to the maximum and kept their serve… Until the eighth game was reached, in which the favorites achieved the break that gave them the definitive advantage... To win the victory by 6-1, 1-6 Y 6-3!!

melted in a hug, Ale Galán - Juan Lebrón celebrated their qualification for a new final... In which they will go for it all again and seek to add a new title!!!

Great step forward for Fernando Belasteguín – Arturo Coello

The semifinals day of the Valladolid Master came to an end with the confrontation between Fernando Belasteguín - Arturo Coello and Sanyo Gutiérrez - Agustín Tapia… The numbers 2 in the world began very 'plugged in' and achieved an income of 1-4 but his rivals reacted, arriving at 5-5. released, Bela and Coello continued with their good dynamics and took the lead on the scoreboard (7-5).

In the second part, the forces were very level and thus a sudden death was reached... In which Sanyo and Agus were more successful and leveled the contest (7-5 Y 6-7). Everything would be decided in the third sleeve. The tension was more than palpable, Moments of great intensity were experienced… Nobody wanted to make a single mistake, but a ball into the net in the tenth game gave the victory to Fernando Belasteguín – Arturo Coello… They merged in a hug to celebrate their victory by 7-5, 6-7 Y 6-4!!

Everything ready for an exciting face-to-face… With many things at stake and not just a title.

The show doesn't stop at Valladolid Master and we can only say… Enjoy the Game!!!

Image: World Padel Tour

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