All set for the round of 16 at the France Open

All set for the round of 16 at the France Open

The last three round of 16 duels of the France Open have already been played at the Club Tennis Padel Soleil. Some vibrant eighths are coming

PadelInside .- The first match of the afternoon was for Agustín Torre – Diego Ramos for a crushing victory 6-1 Y 6-3. The Argentines ratified their great moment and beat the young left-handed Juani Rubini and Mati Almada with authority.

In a blink of an eye, the finalists of the Santander Sevilla Master took the first set after several breaks… And, the second, started the same way. Rupture in favor of 'Loco' Torre and Diego Ramos, who took a rent from 3-0. At that moment came the shock of the day: The strong blow against the fence of the Uruguayan Ramos, who always fights for each ball until the end.

But what remained was a mere formality. The favorites were imposed by 6-1 Y 6-3 and they are already waiting for their next duel against the Spanish José Carlos Gaspar and Diego Gil.

luque and gonzalez: At full speed

right next, the Andalusians José Luis González -Antonio Luque completed an almost perfect match against the Uruguayans Higor Ensslin – Martin Araujo.

Two breaks of the first in the bars started were decisive... And it is that the Spaniards based their success on a constant game and with hardly any errors against rivals who never felt comfortable. In little more than 20 minutes, they sent for 6-1.

The second sleeve was almost traced… And it is that the 24 unforced errors of the charrúas defined the double 6-1 definitive.

To finish… Joao Pedro Flores returns to the red court of A1 Padel!! A partner of circumstances did it: Javier Perez, who adds three teammates in the last three tournaments played.

The Brazilian and the Spaniard stepped much harder in Beausoleil before the irregular start of Mati González – Fabri Peiron, two players who are characterized by their claw... Although they are not having the results they wanted at the beginning of the year.

with a tight 6-4 Y 6-4, Flores and Pérez qualified for the next round, in which they will face each other with Álex Chozas – Christian German Gutierrez.

Schedules of the round of 16 of the France Open (YouTube/Star+)

-9:00 hours: Arce – Dal Bianco vs Parra – Frugoni
-Ord.2: Aguirre – Allemandi vs. Lopez – cheda
-Ord.3: Roll – puppo vs god – Deus
-Ord.4: Torre – Ramos vs Gaspar – Gil
-Ord.5: sandpaper – Semmler vs Britos – Sánchez Blasco (Match of the Day)
-Ord.6: Paschal – Alfonso vs. Gonzalez – Luke
-Ord.7: ferreyra – Piotto vs Del Moral – Barrera
-Ord.8: huts – Gutierrez vs Flores – Pérez

That's how it is A1 Fell… Pure passion for padel!!

Source and Image: A1 Fell

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