Siux Electra ST2 Pro: Stupa already has his new weapon

Siux Electra ST2 Pro: Stupa already has his new weapon

Are you looking for a high quality paddle tennis racket with professional performance?? Do not hesitate and discover the Siux Electra ST2 Stupa Pro

PadelInside .- This model has been designed by the famous professional player Franco Stupaczuk and is designed to adapt to any playing style.. If you want to know all its technical characteristics and experience how it feels on the track, Do not miss this review made by fellow Our Paddle. The new Siux Electra ST2 Stupa Pro arrives this season to continue putting the Sioux paddle rackets.

Versatility for professional players

The new Siux Electra ST2 Stupa Pro is a multipurpose shovel, namely, versatile. can be adapted to different game styles, so that all players can take advantage of their benefits on the court. This versatility allows the racket to behave with a lot of power when attacking., but also with phenomenal control when defending against the rival attack.

Talking about the recommended game level, the racket was designed to be in the hands of players of advanced level Y professional level. It belongs to the line of Siux WPT Players rackets, which, consists of the blades of Franco Stupaczuk, Sanyo Gutierrez, Patty Llaguno, Lucho Capra, Javier Ruiz Y Chiqui Cepero… Who are part of the Sioux Padel team.

solid construction 100% Carbon

As it had to happen in a high-end shovel, It is built with materials suitable for competitive play. Carbon is the main component of their faces and their frame, but it has some special details that are worth highlighting. In the case of faces or planes, one is found 15K carbon fiber. This fiber, in addition to being durable, resistant Y light, has a more composition elastic. The above causes a ball outlet with more speed, accompanied by a great rebound that is easily achieved.

For your part, the marco is composed of a tubular 100% carbon. This piece is completely solid and its objective is to provide good protection for the racket., as well as more stability when hitting the ball. Despite being a very resistant piece, it is recommended to place a protector above the frame, to prevent damage from accidental impacts with the walls of the track.

A strong and resistant shovel, but with a soft touch core

As we have mentioned above, Stupa's new racket boasts great resistance and firmness due to its materials. Nevertheless, the nucleus is the perfect sample of the balance in this racket. A core has been chosen goma Eva Soft HR. This rubber stands out for qualities such as smoothness, the elasticity and the quick recovery. All these qualities allow the ball to have more bounce and output, what's more, it meets other objectives such as providing player comfort and reducing vibrations to prevent chronic elbow injuries.

Technologies and additional details of the Siux Electra St2 Stupa Pro

The details mentioned, by themselves, make the Siux Electra ST2 Stupa Pro one of the most striking rackets of this year. Nevertheless, some relevant details remain. For example, the faces have a rough sand texture, which, increases the stickiness of the ball so that you can improve your shots with effect. This is very useful for experienced players who perform slice or topspin shots and serves..

Another important detail is in the area of ​​the bridge. Siux has designed a reinforced bridge and with technology anti twist. It can be noticed that the bridge has a horizontal pole, which is precisely the one that meets these objectives. This provides more stability for the player, as well as a better vibration control.

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