the press, against what was experienced in the WPT Buenos Aires Master

the press, against what was experienced in the WPT Buenos Aires Master

Then, We leave you with a statement in which the press talks about their difficulties to work in the WPT Buenos Aires Master

PadelInside .- It's been a unanimous cry, in which numerous colleagues from the national and international press have joined... With which it is ratified that all together in the face of injustice... And more specifically in light of what has been committed against some journalists in Argentina, a quienes no solo se les impedía acceder al Buenos Aires Padel Master… Se les negó la acreditación sin motivo coherente y se les puso trabas para realizar su trabajo e informar de lo que acontecía en el torneo.

It was a total nonsense in charge of the organization of the La Rural test (in no case World Padel Tour)… In this case, it is another company that does and undoes at will, being Lisandro Borges el responsable último del mismo.

It is obvious that you can deny accreditation to whoever you want, especially when it is a privately organized tournament. The promoter has every right to admit people or not (in this case journalists) that you consider… But what is out of place are the threats, vexations, accusations and other acts suffered by the Argentine press, con los representantes del histórico Padelnetwork al frente. This was ordered by the aforementioned Borges, quien amenazó al periodista Stephen Genoud con la expulsión del recinto, with applying the right of admission... Or with projecting defamation campaigns for invented situations, even reaching, as they affirm, to receive physical violence.

So, We share this statement as rejection and we join the condemnation of the actions of Lisandro Borges and his subordinates... We demand total freedom to carry out information work... And we do not accept violence or coercion towards a colleague.

the press, against what was experienced in the WPT Buenos Aires Master

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