France: New stop of A1 Padel

France: New stop of A1 Padel

With the recent inclusion of France in the calendar, will be 14 the countries that the A1 Padel tour will visit at the moment in 2023

PadelInside .- For now, there are already confirmed a total of 18 tournaments in Open categories, Master y Grand Master, plus the Final Master.

Since the calendar for this season was made public, it was warned that it would suffer... "Positive" modifications with the inclusion of new venues.

At the moment they are 18 the tournaments, but the Board of Directors of A1 Padel continues to work with various businessmen to increase the number of tests... Therefore, the inclusion of new countries is not ruled out.

Fabrice Pastor, President of A1 Padel, said last weekend in Madrid, where he went to witness the international previews of the Cape Town Master: “The calendar is not closed and that in the next few days we will be able to announce new venues”.

The tournament in French territory will be in the town of Beausoleil, on the Cote d'Azur, in the week of 13 al 19 of brown. The test will be of the Open Category and will have only Men's Draw.

Both the Preliminary Phase and the Main Draw will be played in the modern facilities of the Tennis Padel Soleil club… Stage of great events at a professional and amateur level.

they are already 14 the countries that until now will host one or more events of the circuit: USA, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Panama, Monaco, Spain, Italy, France, Sweden, Swiss, South Africa and Saudi Arabia.

The first appointment on the calendar will be the Cape Town Master of the 14 al 19 february.

That's how it is A1 Fell… Pure passion for padel!!

Source and Image: A1 Fell


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