Fabrice Pastor: The padel patron

Fabrice Pastor: The padel patron

His name has not been 'unknown' for all lovers of this sport for a long time, but... Who is Fabrice Pastor really?? The Monegasque businessman has spent several years helping the growth of padel throughout the world and supporting the players

PadelInside .- Talking about Fabrice Pastor is talking about one of the most outstanding personalities in the world of paddle tennis today. for your resources, and for the great passion he feels for this sport, It has spent years supporting both the growth of players and the development and implementation of this wonderful discipline in all corners of the planet.. Proof of this is that, thanks to him, circuits like WPT and now Premier Pádel, have been nurtured by top-level professionals. Without your help on a personal level, without the famous Fabrice Pastor Cup (among many other actions), It is very likely that the world of paddle tennis did not know many of those who are now idols and references for fans. All this without forgetting the great economic contribution in sponsorships from which the vast majority of the top WPT and Premier Pádel benefited, both in the Men's and Women's Category… Because for him there has been no discrimination and a good example is found in the fact that he came to exclusively sponsor the Argentine Women's Circuit.

Closely linked to our country for years, His first contacts with paddle tennis came from the sisters Ana and María Silvela.

successful businessman, Due to his great vision and his experience, it didn't take him long to glimpse that paddle tennis needed better organization to grow. With the lack of a strong institutional background, understood that in order to reach more countries it was essential that its internationalization format be better developed and have greater continuity in those places where the Professional Circuit was disputed, with a sustained and planned investment to get international television channels and sponsors to begin to 'believe' in the sport. If we pull from the newspaper library we can verify that, many of the things that are happening today, he already announced them and even 'demanded'... He always spoke of the need for strong player associations to exist, independent… He anticipated many events, despite the impediments of institutions, companies and people who have tried to stagnate paddle tennis and the non-evolution of the natural order of events, as it happens in other sports.

That is why he decided to create Montecarlo International Sports, a company whose sole purpose would be to help the growth of paddle tennis, without the need to obtain their own benefit from it. With a totally altruistic vision, Fabrice Pastor has always defended an idea: "We must first help the development and foundation of paddle tennis in the countries that want to host it. The business, if there is, will come later".

The first steps of this adventure

With the aim of helping players with a future (but with less economic possibilities), could grow within the sport, in 2015 decided to launch the Fabrice Pastor Cup. It was a competition oriented to the young promises of the American Continent that, gracias a Monte Carlo International Sports, had the opportunity to develop their professional career in Europe. Organized events together with Federations and Associations of the American Continent, gave them notoriety, supported them and, curiously, many leaders of these institutions deny him... Of what he did and, if you can, boycott any initiative in favor of paddle tennis, not theirs. Maybe, there lies one of the problems of the current institutional paddle... The interests of these leaders who, many of them, For "4 Lucas and a trip" they are able to sell to whoever is needed.

In a second phase, wanted to go a step further and, in 2018, was about to manage to promote a new Professional Circuit: IPT o International Padel Tour. From that failed bet he came out with two 'wounds': enemy with World Padel Tour and disappointed with a good part of the players. With the perspective of time, could see that they bought his money before his ideas and, when he wanted to assert the second, he took a blow. That was a mistake from which he learned and which he will never repeat again.. He knows he tried… Even when the number of Top Players was less than 10, bar that he set to follow. Being 8 one last betrayal ensued dressed in money and a car, situation that triggered the subsequent events. He had raised a Circuit model built for players. He came to put at your disposal the 40% of the property thereof. I'm sure many of you were unaware of this fact.. Now, you already know a little more. The question could be: What percentage do the players have in the current circuits? That is, they have succeeded: Anything, you are welcome. But life went on.

Despite the fact that he came to say that he had decided to leave the world of paddle tennis forever, His intense love for this sport hinted that it was a matter of time before he returned with renewed strength... In that sense, in his ambition to want to take this discipline to the top, in 2020 created the American Padel Tour Circuit, with an exclusive tournament calendar for the American Continent... But that was slowed down in its aspirations by Covid19 (which did not prevent, for those dates, became the competition that performed the most tests).

workers, with great ideas and projects, not only withstood the effects of the global pandemic, but, what's more, when it seemed that the stage was clearing of obstacles... A merciless fight began between two colossi, that threaten to destroy everything: WPT and Premier Padel. Recently, both announced that they were going to sit down to talk (when they have been in negotiations for months and have not made progress). We believe that it is the most sensible thing to do, but the problem will be whose head they cut off... It is not necessary to remember that betrayals, sooner or later, are paid… But let's not stray too far and move on.

A project by and for paddle tennis

Born as American Padel Tour, in 2021 changed its name to APT Padel Tour and progressed on its way to set up a truly international competition, in which the players were the main protagonists and in which all the details were taken care of with great care.

Test passed. Today, about to turn three years old, APT Padel Tour can boast of having achieved that the most important thing is the Circuit itself. In recent statements, Fabrice Pastor assured: "APT Padel Tour was born, grow and advance together with the players, but no one is above. thanks to it, It didn't take long for him to make the leap to Europe and organize the first professional paddle tennis tournament on the African continent.: Cape Town Máster.

No hurries, but without pause, Little by little, he has begun to count on high-quality players in his tests but with less 'media focus' such as Tolito Aguirre or Chiostri... In addition to gradually capturing the attention of very talented veterans such as Cristian Gutiérrez, Tito Allemandi, Diego ramos, Miguel Oliveira,…All of them, without the pressure of contracts signed by most of the professionals with WPT, have found a competition with tests in numerous countries, that does not stop growing, in which they receive important economic prizes and in which, above all, they feel protected, endorsed and valued regardless of the round in which they compete (be they Pre-Previews or Final Draws).

Reasons to be optimistic

Contrary to the effervescence and possible overconfidence of 2018, this time, Fabrice Pastor has been weaving a very consistent framework. On your Roadmap, the main axis has been to build a solid structure, attract new sponsors and open new territories. The players will join of their own free will and that will make the relationship much healthier in every way.. They have relied on institutions such as the Spanish Association of Players and the Spanish Union of Players and Paddle Players in advising and defending, among other things. Many of them are part of these and, now, inclusive, They have their own Association for this Circuit... Without forgetting that the other institutions that have already helped the freedom of the players are there. But everything was announced by Fabrice Pastor. his speeches, recommendations are gradually coming true. The same is that then he was not so wrong in his approaches.

With an eye toward the end of 2023, when the players ended their contracts with World Padel Tour, the appearance of Premier Padel has greatly varied the scenario that began to be glimpsed (and that benefited APT Padel Tour). The 'open conflict' that has been declared between WPT and Premier Padel, does not stop writing new chapters and, in all that situation, hardly anyone looks at Pastor and his team that, with a very well defined line of action, continues to gain positions. all of it, despite the announcement of the start of talks between WPT and Premier. nothing is decided. There are many egos and grudges on the table. We will see the outcome.

And he still had another surprise for this 2023... New image and new name for the Circuit that happens to be called A1 Padel. You can see its website.

Always in continuous movement, innovation and development, Fabrice Pastor never stops evolving, to think big, help, to encourage, support… maybe, so, has always been considered an enemy, Like someone to beat… Someone not to be let in. Fear on the part of needy people, in many cases, of imagination, talent? Afraid of those who all they do is destroy, criticize and not create? Afraid of those who pretend to 'mould' to try to control and hijack a sport that belongs to everyone and for everyone??

Aware that unity is strength, just a few months ago it was announced entry into the shareholding of Ike S. Franco. It was the first movement of this nature in the history of this Circuit and, for sure, showed where the eyes are directed: United States and Canada.

And who is Ike S.. Franco? Founder and Managing Partner of Infinity Global, is associated with the New York Yankees. Active and with a great business vision, He has focused some of his empire's services on event production and sponsorship representation. That is why it is a strategic ally in development and expansion plans both in North America and in many other territories..

As they told us at the time, NY, Miami, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles or Houston will be some of the immediate destinations of an alliance that goes beyond the simple organization of tournaments…. And it will also cover the management of commercial rights and the licensing program of the Circuit worldwide, in addition to planning the creation of a franchise development program in the United States to develop courts with the A1 Padel brand in colleges and universities throughout the country.

right at that point, because nothing is the result of chance, link with Greenset is forged. the prestigious company, Official ATP Tennis Court, has developed an exclusive model for A1 Padel, which will begin to be commercialized from this year.

A simmering consolidation, but surely and without pauses

Without wearing out in 'wars' that neither come nor go, without wasting time wanting to be the 'strongest' in the class, Fabrice Pastor has shown that experience is a degree and has decided to focus his efforts on what is really important: seek new allies and territories to reinforce their approach. An example of this is all the development work that is starting and projecting throughout the African Continent.

as final step, has certified that it has the confidence of the players who already know its Circuit… Those who have not hesitated to sign a new three-year commitment, with option to be extended another three more. Among the important points of this agreement is the increase in prizes and many other benefits for those who commit to dispute the 100% of the Grand Master and Master tournaments and the 50% of the tests in the Open category... Having the freedom to play other competitions as long as they meet those requirements. Liberty, beautiful word loaded with meaning and that now many want to appropriate as main standard-bearers... Of course, preventing last year's Circuit tests from being disputed, for example, in Italy and that, as a consequence… Women could not opt ​​for the prizes of said event, as also happened with the WPT Sardegna Open. The Women's Circuit is being the maximum victim of the total war that is lived in the paddle tennis ... A war that Fabrice Pastor is seeing in the distance, without any concern. The A1 PÁDEL product is solid, with progression and this is how it is demonstrating day by day, every year.

The money to be distributed may be far from the amounts that both the World Padel Tour and Premier Padel have put on the table. But for Fabrice Pastor not everything is money. He has more than enough muscle to join the bid, but it will not run more than necessary. His idea is to strengthen his proposal, make it grow in all its aspects, continue consolidating the most international Circuit of all the existing ones… And, slowly, the players will arrive voluntarily... How it is already beginning to happen.

Incompatible with Luigi Carraro, current IFJ President, He is very clear that he will continue paddling to support the sustainable growth and sense of paddle tennis, founded on strong institutions, transparent and free from all corruption. Respect the essence of sport, his spirit, its purity and its values ​​are non-negotiable elements in his way of understanding the paddle that, for others, it's just a business.

The smartest in the class? Well, right now, so it seems. Oblivious to all the controversies, not only has it not worn at all, but, what's more, has consolidated his project, has reinforced it in the eyes of potential sponsors and has earned the trust of its players.

Equal, in this case, second parts will be good.

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