Tennis will take control of paddle tennis in 2023: Luigi Carraro and the Trojan Horse

Tennis will take control of paddle tennis in 2023: Luigi Carraro and the Trojan Horse

It is something that begins to be an open secret. Tennis will take the definitive step to gain control of paddle tennis throughout this year

PadelInside .- During the 2022, uncertainty and fear seized the institutions that develop paddle tennis worldwide, national… AND, how could it be otherwise, the International Padel Federation. IFJ itself issued a statement in the month of April… Just like the Spanish Padel Federation the one of 10 of June.

In both communications, we can read some words that are key: INDEPENDENCE, INTERFERENCES, COOPERATION… In the case of the FEP, in his last point he went a little further into the:

  • Ask the national and regional sports authorities for their support... So that paddle tennis continues to be a sport regulated by the paddle tennis federations (autonomous, National and international). A) Yes, will maintain its absolute independence from tennis.

At later dates, Other statements were issued by these two institutions... In which they echoed the 'victory' of paddle tennis over tennis or the FIP vs. ITF

this time, We are going to put the emphasis on some parts of the IFJ statement... And, then, we will establish some issues that will be shelled with the rigor they deserve.

If we look at that letter we can see what it says in one of its paragraphs:

"The International Padel Federation, the world governing body of padel for more than 31 years, is pleased to report that… The attempted hostile takeover of padel by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) has been firmly and emphatically rejected by members of the international tennis community.".

In another paragraph it says:“….the ITF presented a resolution that sought to unilaterally assume the government of paddle tennis… At the same time that it sought to independently lead the development of new disciplines or variations of tennis, like pickleball".

We want our readers to be aware of some phrases that are attached to the words that we have cited., as they are:

  • Hostile takeover attempt of paddle tennis by the International Tennis Federation (ITF)
  • It has been firmly rejected
  • He sought to unilaterally assume the paddle government
  • tennis variations

First, before beginning to explain all the intricacies that all these statements implicitly imply, we should point out that:

– The rejection was not firm. For the resolution to be approved, the 66% of the votes of the Assembly... And the result was 57'48 % Affirmative of the change of statutes and inclusion of paddle tennis and 42'52 % of votes against, in a system of a country, one vote... Voting system that we will mention later.

Therefore, the rejection was not as categorical as we were told. One more time, we find ourselves with a habitual practice of the IFJ... The cataloging of the votes in successes or resounding failures, absolute majorities and similar. They never argue discrepancies in their voting or analysis of situations.

The real questions in this case are: Can the ITF take control of padel worldwide? Who can settle this situation? What organization can attribute this condition? If the FIP argues that it is the manager of paddle tennis worldwide ... What fear are they? why do they congratulate? There shouldn't be any problem about it., they do not believe?

Well the answer is simple: It's called GAISF, Acronyms that refer to the Global Association of International Sports Federations. It is a non-profit association, composed of autonomous and independent International Sports Federations… And by other international organizations that contribute to sport in various fields. As quoted in the article 5 of its statutes, the Category of Members is made up of:

5.1 GAISF members are:

  1. a) Full Members;
  2. b) Associate Members, whose admission has been approved by the General Assembly.

Unless the context indicates otherwise, the term ‘Member(s)’ in these Statutes includes both Full Members and Associate Members.

5.2 GAISF members are also classified according to the following organizations:

  1. a) ASOIF members (Association of International Summer Olympic Federations);
  2. b) AIOWF members (Association of International Winter Olympic Sports Federations);
  3. c) ARISF members (Association of International Sports Federations Recognized by the IOC);
  4. d) AIMS members (Alliance of Recognized Independent Sports Members);
  5. e) Associate Members.

Then there is the figure of Observer Member, position currently held by the IFJ. In the following link they will be able to verify what this condition consists of, which is described in article 7.D of the GAISF statutes.

From this article, We would like you to remember two things in particular... Which we will deal with in more detail later and which are:

  1. No Compatibility issue with an existing Member.
  2. Observer status is valid for two (2) years, which may be renewed for one or more periods of two (2) years at the discretion and motivated by the Council…

Then, we must warn the reader that this wording is the one given in the 2021 version… Being different in other versions. On the same web page it is specified that you will only have the possibility of a single extension of 2 years, after the end of the first period.

Before giving more light to the shadows that arise... We are going to take a brief walk through certain actions and communications that, according to our sources, Have been generated. About our sources, we must warn readers that they have been consulted, both from Europe, America, of the paddle, of tennis and institutions that have a high degree of knowledge in the matter... And that have been protagonists in one way or another in the events that are taking place. Therefore, the rigor is maximum.

Newly appointed IFJ President, not without a high load of controversy, suspicions of alleged vote buying, alleged bribery attempts, participation of personal friends of Mr. Carraro in the elections (and that they had nothing to do with it... And that it was made up by the then secretary D. Francisco Marín Cao and the self-proclaimed acting president D. Diego Miller), Audios of Mr. Carraro appeared in which he allegedly wanted to buy votes through sponsorships. How could it be otherwise?, splashed and revolutionized social networks, according to several of our sources. Said audios were object of claim in the Committees of the FIP, without getting any response about it, topics that will be covered in subsequent publications.

A little later, in november 2018, A statement was issued in which Mr. Carraro was asked about possible conflicts. The highest representative of the IFJ promised to defend the independence and interests of both the International Federation and the National Federations in question.

Months later, in february 2019, from the FIP was informed of the situation that was happening in relation to the GAISF and the ITF. According to our sources, This communication explained the position of 'Observer' within the GAISF... And the importance of becoming a Full Member within this institution in order to recognize paddle tennis as an Olympic sport... Participation in an Olympic Games is a different matter so that our readers fully understand. It is explained in the document that, to become part of the Olympic Movement, you have to be a member.

at this writing, specify the requirements that must be met, as a condition imposed by the GAISF in order to be a Full Member. According to our sources, there are three conditions:

1- The FIP acronym change / IPF, because other GAISF member federations used them.

2- Change in the scoring system to differentiate it from tennis.

3- Collaboration with the ITF, since, as explained above, the problem of compatibility or rivalry… Prevents the IFJ from being a Full Member. As long as the veto exists, you can't be a full member.

Inclusive, is warned of the deadline imposed to be able to carry out these changes or actions... What was set in the 14 January of that same year!!

It is informed, in the same document, that there was a meeting the day 10 January with the ITF to discuss the issues of scoring and the imposed ban. Based on the outcome of the talks and, grandiloquent (This is how our sources tell us) It is reported that it is not necessary to change the punctuation... And that Mr. Carraro has raised his vision of what, from your point of view, should be understood as collaboration. All this derives in the supposed elaboration of a document, as a starting point... In which it becomes clear that both federations and sports are different.

According to what they tell us, the President of the FIP 'imposes' that the Federations that are members of the FIP are the ones that direct the paddle tennis in their respective territories. This issue will be developed in this article., so that the incorrectness of this imposition can be verified.

Mr. Carraro shows that the ITF guarantees him and will take action on the matter to avoid attacks on FIP members in the territories where there is a FIP federation.

Ultimately and, to the astonishment of some IFJ members, it is announced that the collaboration is already effective... That the GAISF has been informed, there is no change in the score and that all this means that the veto has ceased. That is why the document must be drawn up and approved by both institutions. FIP members will be informed of this., according to our sources.

Despite the efforts by IFJ Member Federations to see this document, They tell us that it was never shown, discussed… Or any other action on the matter with IFJ members, despite the insistence of some federations. Mr. Carraro and his Board of Directors did not want to show the document, if it really existed. Almost all the sources consulted reached the same conclusion: It makes no sense to hide such a document... Unless the content is controversial or the plans are different. How is a document of this depth hidden from the members that make up the IFJ?? That is the question that many of them asked themselves..

In this point, we still have more doubts about it. What does the ITF think of this?? We attach the document 1 Y 2 so that they can verify some questions or approaches that from Tennis Europe (European Continental Tennis Federation) and the ITF itself show about it. Up to a Tennis Europe work team is created to start developing paddle tennis.

After reading the documents, they will be able to verify what is intended, first, of Tennis Europe. Later, in the document 3, will be able to know what was raised in the Assembly of November 2022 of the ITF and that it did not prosper by a little ... But that it can be voted on at any other time. That is to say, will be raised in future assemblies, have no doubt, all of this linked to the GAISF issue… which we have not forgotten.

Now there is another problem. The Tennis Federations that are members of the FIP, for example, the Italian Federation, Belgian, french, San Marino, English, dutch, Malta's, among other, they are also members of Tennis Europe. Therefore, are due to their Continental Federation and must comply with its guidelines, how could it be otherwise. And here comes another problem... How can you say to some countries that you do and to others that they cannot choose to govern the paddle tennis within the same organization??

under this prism, the answer should be obvious... It's all a smokescreen. why do we say this: Very easy. If we look at the document 4 we will be able to observe the conclusion of the work that was done by Tennis Europe from 2017 a 2020. In this, It is indicated that in Europe there are many Tennis Federations that supervise paddle tennis and also, they govern in paddle tennis in their countries. It is a devastating fact, totally devastating.

Let's not lose sight of this fact, of vital importance because they do have governance, and these federations are already recognized by their National Olympic Committees or their national sports organizations… How is it possible that in any of these countries there is a 'supposed paddle tennis federation' and that, be added to the 'supposed list' of Federations that have presented themselves at the GAISF? It is something that we understand contradictory. Later, in some cases, we can argue the falsity of the data delivered to this organization.

In the indicated document, the countries that have the governance of paddle tennis in their territories appear. So, if they have the status of OFFICIALITY by the sports authorities... Why does the IFJ have other institutions that lack this and that diminishes and hinders the SUPPOSED OBJECTIVE of President Carraro that the IFJ be a member of the GAISF? What logic does it have?? And even more, with the forms with which Tennis Federations such as England and Holland entered, for example, within the FIP… Arguing takeovers, mergers and the like, that are far from reality and that were claimed before the Disciplinary Committees and in the Assembly without their wanting to pay attention. The trick of the TAS was used, of the enormous cost of this court. However, Everything will be detailed in other articles since the geopolitics of paddle tennis is important to understand why you are where you are... And what will happen, both from the federative level and from associations of players and players with emphasis on its use in the business of world padel ... What is what certain people are "supposedly" looking for.

And to reaffirm what has been exposed previously, inclusive la ITF, in the document 3, another:

It is a legitimate exercise of the power of shareholders in member nations to determine that they want the ITF to play a similar global governance role with respect to the sport of paddle tennis., as a result of the increasing number of ITF member nations being designated (by their respective Olympic committees or sports councils) as the exclusive governing body of this sport in your nation.

Therefore, If there are already entities that are recognized in a given country... Why do these federations or associations that will never have this condition remain?? It's overwhelming logic. If the dream is to be Olympic, Why are organizations within the IFJ that will never have this approval? For us the answer is logical: “A"Leave has been thrown" but for a long time. If that is not the case, what other explanation can there be... But let's continue delving into this statement.

For a start, We must clarify a fundamental issue... It is not the same to have an association with a specific legal personality, for example, recreational, to have the governmental recognition of the National Olympic Committee... That validates that said Association or Federation is the one that has the sports control of any sport, in this case, the paddle. At the same time, there is the paradox that in many countries paddle tennis does not exist as a sport in itself... It is classified as a game. Despite this, it is about selling the image that some institutions are the ones that hold this condition. In fact, It is not like this. Only 'smoke' is sold. They insert flags on the web no matter what. They provide 'supposedly' erroneous data to the GAISF without any shame or perhaps they have not even provided it, could be... But what no one can deny is the Marketing that, since Mr Patti stepped down from office, It has improved exponentially... Until it becomes a great staging. Beneath, there are other goals.

But don't go yet!! There are still more… Surprises or not, It depends on who reads this article., in which everything is documented and contrasted. Let's go back to document number 2, in which they will be able to verify that some names and their nationalities appear. Luisanna Fodde from Italy appears. We attach some links so you can see what role it plays in all this:

He is a member of the Board of Tennis Europe. In the second link you will see that the Italian Tennis Federation proposed it for a medal from the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI)… Y, in the third link, some may not believe it, contains the names of the directors of the Italian Tennis and Padel Federation. Among them, the same lady is found (in brackets, with the position of Vice President of Tennis Europe) y D. Luigi Carraro, as IFJ President.

We get it… By now you will be stumped and you will see the links again. Indeed; Mr Carraro is a member of the FITP and, if we remember correctly, that is something completely incompatible with the position of President of the IFJ... Which is full time, according to the articles of its own statutes.

There are many voices that wonder what Mr. Carraro is playing... How can it be everywhere? Don't you dream of what happened in Troy? One of the enemies of the independence of paddle tennis is the top leader of the FIP. unusual fact, unheard, inexplicable and unjustifiable.

And the thing does not end there. In the document 4 there is a fact that, some of our sources and IFJ members rate as AMAZING. as you well know, there is a European Padel Federation called FEPA (formerly known as EPA) made up of members of the FIP and other new ones that still do not have this condition... In some cases because the Tennis Federations prevent this from happening. When the FEPA organized its first European Padel, in the FIP all the alarms went off... They loaded the media cannons and of supposed justice within the FIP with their Committees.

In one of these attacks, the IFJ issued a General Communication arguing the following:

The organization and/or concession to the affiliated National Federations of said Championships will continue to be the responsibility of the FIP... Until the continental associations are affiliated to the IFJ and the work metrics between the international federation and the continental federations are defined.

Our collaborators confirmed this information that we have attached. Read carefully what we have highlighted in bold. Now, you can go to document number 4 and see that the European Championship in Rome is organized as part of the Tennis Europe activities… WHAT A CRAZY! So, Are the work metrics between the FIP and the Continental European Tennis Association defined?? Does Tennis Europa belong to the FIP?? Now we understand why the FEPA cannot be within the FIP... There is already a European Continental within the FIP: Tennis Europa. It's obvious. The question is who authorized it, when was voted, where is it published, etc, etc, etc… Because the sources consulted do not know anything and do not come out of astonishment.

About the FIP European Championship in Rome, organized by Tennis Europe, will have an individualized article… In which you will be able to read, according to our collaborators, the threats and pressures for countries such as Germany or Austria to participate, among others… There were flag impersonations when the Irish flag was displayed, for example, when there were only two players from that country, no team,… Or the participation against sports regulations of the Monaco Federation, in which the vast majority of its components were French... And the modification that was made to the statutes so that they could participate was not yet in force It was all nonsense so that there were more flags, increased engagement and marketing. All 'supposedly' but documented.

Perhaps the words of the top leader of the FIP lack veracity but the documents and links are not lacking in reality ... And more when they are exposed by sources from the world of tennis, dependent in some cases of FIP member Tennis Federations.

Therefore, the phrases that we alluded to at the beginning as "hostile acquisition attempt of PÁdel by the International Tennis Federation (ITF)”, “has been firmly rejected”, "He sought to unilaterally assume the paddle tennis government"... They have been clarified after everything that is exposed here.

To complete, We will inquire a little more into the GAISF issue to give an overview of what is happening.

In the article 6 of the statutes of the institution, in one part of it is quoted:

For the purposes of these Statutes, 'FN' means a body representing a sport or series of sports in a country recognized by the National Olympic Committee (the 'CON') and/or the country's highest national sports authority (la 'NSA')

We must point out that FN means National Federation. for now, there is already a problem with this point 'recognition'. As we have previously warned, many members, or the vast majority of them, They are not recognized by these institutions.. first problem.

In the article 7 It deals with the application to be submitted and indicates in one part of this:

7.A.3 The Council will examine any new application for membership with regard to justification for the Existence of the sport… And the existence of potential or existing rivalry issues, superposition or conflict of competence ('Compatibility issue') with GAISF Members and/or between two or more Applicants. The Board may conduct due diligence to assess any Compatibility Issue between two Applicants and/or an Applicant and any Member. The costs of the due diligence process to be borne by the applicant(s) shall be subject to separate guidance to be promulgated by the Board pursuant to Section 7.A.5. The Board may appoint one or more ad hoc commissions to carry out the duties established in article 7.A.2 and 7.A.3.. In that case, the(s) commission(es) to this(s) prepare a report to be brought to the attention of the Council set out, in particular, its findings and Findings upon completion of due diligence, investigations and evaluation of the Application.

as can be noticed, bold highlight, there is another problem... That of COMPATIBILITY and the veto that the ITF put. Until proven otherwise, is still in force.

Article 7.B indicates the requirements to be met and the documentation to be submitted to become a Full Member. Says so

7.B Any applicant shall submit the membership application file, with the documents listed below, at least 6 (six) months before the start date of the General Assembly. Applicant must be voted subject to Article 7.A.4:

Important: At least 6 months before. By dates, the IFJ should have changed its statutes by now to qualify for full membership… But it hasn't done so yet. Coincidence or premeditation?? Now you will see why we say it: The GAISF Assembly will be this year and the IFJ HAS NO TIME LEFT.

The article goes on like this:

  1. A written statement signed by authorized representatives of the applicants justifying that:
  2. a) The sport or activity you control is not in conflict and there is no Compatibility issue with an existing GAISF member;

yes there is a problem: With the ITF and its VETO.

  1. A governance report setting out the mechanisms for good governanceapplied in the framework of the Applicant… Including, among others, the democratic process, term/age limits, checks and balances, transparency and communication, compensation policy, audit functions, Social Responsibility, nondiscrimination, allocation of resources for the global development of grassroots activities. Ethical considerations implemented by the applicant must be included, particularly in its management and operational processes

Many accusations fall on the FIP about alleged irregularities that we will bring to light... This way they will be able to see the alleged sports atrocities that have been carried out according to what was argued by our sources. We will incorporate them so that you or the FIP itself can deny them in case you deem it appropriate.

What is true is that, Today, there is no term limit within the IFJ and that a few countries dominate the rest… Even doing the bare minimum for it. We give the example of Uruguay. Just for being a Founding Member you have 12 votes within the International Federation. Another case is that of Canada, what's wrong with it 9 votes, with very little paddle. At least, in his day he organized a World Cup.

The American padel block is the one that controls the FIP and supports the current president. The question of the distribution of votes has been discussed and there was even an attempt to create a Commission to see the best distribution of votes... And it is that within the FIPs there is great discomfort due to this circumstance. Despite the fact that it was reflected in one of the minutes of the FIP Assembly, it was never put into operation. as is evident, the current President is not interested in changing the distribution of votes because he would lose his hegemony and, possibly his presidency. That is the reason why this topic is not addressed in depth.. Nor the term limit since he has two with this (although one of them is not complete) and it would result in him not being able to have his re-election. But if the GAISF calls for good governance to be included…Why doesn't the IFJ do it?? Do you really want to be inside this organization?It is all calculated so that the FIP does not enter GAISF? What does the FIP Board of Directors intend?

We must mention that within this is the top leader of the FEP, Mr. Ramón Morcillo ... And it is he who should emphasize the independence of paddle tennis, in an energetic way... Since, in another case, It would be the Spanish Tennis Federation that would play a relevant role in everything that refers to our sport. What does Mr. Morcillo do?? Do you let go or protest this situation?? Do the Territorial Federations know about this circumstance?? Do they put pressure on Mr Morcillo? These and other issues should be resolved shortly and, thus having the institutional response... It is up to us only to bring to light data with which the reader can get an idea of ​​everything that happens at the institutional level.

According to what has been said, If the situation does not change, it is for some reason of power so that the established order does not change... Or so that those who are in charge of FIP get something, good of power, financial or whatever. Else, It is not understood that they do not want to establish good governance in the IFJ. It is something that calls for a deep analysis.

The irregularity is so flagrant that, Like we have already said, the President of the IFJ, against statutes, belongs to the board of the FITP… OR, which is the same, to the Italian Tennis and Padel Federation.

5 Anti-Doping Rules, that must comply with the World Anti-Doping Code and a report including detailed information on the activities carried out by the Applicant in the fight against doping (included, among others, the number of tests, The therapeutic use exemption, anti-doping rule violations and educational activities)

This point is also not fulfilled. We must remember that only WPT has carried out some anti-doping tests. Therefore, what is the IFJ doing about this? Did you approach the WPT to have the anti-doping resolved?? Does the FIP not do the anti-doping control on purpose so as not to enter GAISF?? These issues will be resolved shortly..

  1. The minutes of the last 2 (From) General Assemblies and the minutes of the last election if it took place during another General Assembly;
  2. Any element that demonstrates the existence of the applicant for at least 5 (cinco) years, including the list of the latest 5 (cinco) General Assemblies, and the list of his attendees;

In these two points there can be many complications since showing these minutes can lead to, from the GAISF and with a little research, they realize that, supposedly, it has been lied to repeatedly... The statutes have been violated, all this according to the information to which we have had access. We point out several examples.

Assembly of 2017 in Paraguay… They inform us that a friend of Mr. Carraro went to vote, with nothing to do with the Lithuanian Padel Federation. In that same assembly, Iran was included in the IFJ without having the 2/3 votes needed for it. The votes of Paraguay were also increased without having the 2/3, the French Tennis Federation was given the green light to participate despite owing money to the IFJ. In repeated assemblies in 2019 it was when the president of the IFJ announced out loud that France had paid the historical debt that it was dragging. At the same time, until 2019 participated in the FEPACHI assemblies, the Padel Federation of Chile. It was an entity that did not exist until that same year and that has more votes than many of the legally constituted countries.. We attach the document accrediting its constitution in the document 5. It is a hoax that we have already mentioned on occasion and of which Mr. Cacho Nicastro alerted some members of the IFJ to echo this circumstance.. The participation of an organization called BPCOO Padel Federation of Russia was also seen, federation that is not such and that, above it is extinct as it attests the following link. As we are informed, Mr Christian Mejías Tarruella participated in Assemblies despite the fact that said Regional Association was extinct. On the other hand, The Padel Association of Thailand became part of the FIP with two tracks in the country and without fiscal identification as an association or federation. Fiction was made to include it. We see that this is something recurring in the FIP. As a last example we will attach the Paddle Tennis Association of Pichincha of Ecuador, entity that does not correspond to the national sports management... And that, It has nothing to do with a federation as they themselves attest... And that they will be able to verify In the following link.

In the same, the following is quoted:

What are the next steps of the Provincial Association of Pichincha

Continue holding tournaments and, above all, we can become a National Padel Federation which is already in process. Invite everyone to sign up for the following tournaments to play the best paddle tennis at the National and International level... And thus be part of the official Ranking.

We could give more examples about it, all of them soundly documented, since we have rigor in our publications. In the event that the information listed here is deemed incorrect, We will be happy to publish the documents or audios that support another position and we invite you to do so..

So, due to the depth of the information to which we have had access, These will be published together with the documentary evidence... With the rigor of the investigative work that our medium is carrying out and that can be replicated by those involved in these events.

  1. A membership certificationsigned by each NF recognized by the Applicant. Only 1 (one) the NF will be taken into account by sport and by country
  2. A list of the NOCs or ANS that recognize your NF… A certification of recognition signed by the NOC and / o NSA (along with a certified English translation) must be attached within the Membership Application File

as we have warned, It is difficult for a large part of the FIP countries to have these documents... Because in many countries there are two federations and in others it is not considered a sport. So, It would be a great atrocity if one opted for the status of Full Member of the GAISF without recognition. It should be remembered that in many countries where paddle tennis exists, it is tennis that is in control. In others, there are two federations, Associations or something similar. Let us remember that a legal position is made fiction with another that is far from being the one that the legislation of a country to have control of a sport.

  1. Copies of the financial statements(of the last 5 years) audited by an independent auditor professional… Along with a breakdown of income and expenses.

There is also a lot of controversy on this point., claims by members associated with the FIP. They demand an audit paid by them, internal auditors who sign or are forced to sign minutes before a meeting... As in the case of auditor Michael Reinthaler. That issue was claimed and, as usual in the FIP, as we are informed, was ignored. Besides, In most cases, they are auditors without accounting knowledge or qualifications for this purpose... In other words,, a complete nonsense.

Diversion of money from the IFJ to private accounts and vice versa. As an example, money transfers from D's account. Fabian Parolin, because FEPACHI did not exist and did not have an account… Or send money from the IFJ account to what was previously the Italian Federation, the Italian Yoke Paddle Federation (FIGP)... All this according to our informants and that, how do they communicate to us, There is much more.

They tell us that, in the present moment, In the Assemblies, the documentation is not sent until the moment of this. It is an issue that greatly clouds the conception of transparency. A section of the FIP website that alluded to the history of paddle tennis and its organizations was also eliminated... To avoid verifying the veracity of what was expressed in repeated claims before the FIP disciplinary bodies... All of them controlled by the President and his associates, according to our information.

We could go even further, but the correct thing is that all this information is published in separate blocks... In order to record what various consulted sources tell us.

After the preparation of this document, we have many questions and each reader will have their own… But, how can you reach the height of hypocrisy? How can a Tennis Federation ask the ITF that it should not manage paddle tennis?? How a Continental European Tennis Federation has organized events and it is intended that this does not happen in other parts of the world? If they really want the independence of padel, Why don't they transfer management in their countries to other entities created for that purpose?? Why do they not comply with what is stipulated in the GAISF? Perhaps they pretend that they are not accepted and thus say that they have tried... Atone for their sins in the hands of others. Maybe, time will put everything in its place, but there are issues here that are beyond logic and will surely have to do with power.

What is certain is that if the Tennis Federations include it in their statutes, the paddle, From overnight, will be managing for them... Without having to wait for the ITF and its resolution. Maybe next year the ITF, instead of putting an amendment in which several sports are included to include in their statutes, it is only about paddle tennis and so, focus the discussion, maybe, maybe, maybe.

But we want to record that, in this article, There is no position on what is best for paddle tennis... Just an exhibition of information and research... Some from the sources consulted and others from access to web pages and public documents.






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