Delfi Brea will share the track with Sofía Araújo

Delfi Brea will share the track with Sofía Araújo

The news was announced by Marca... Delfi Brea already has a 'partner' for this season

PadelInside .- New and interesting movement in the Transfer Market. Great duo confirmed in the Women's Circuit. It is already official that Delfi Brea and Sofia Araújo will play together in 2023.

They were two of the main players of the Circuito WPT that they had not yet defined their future... After the announcement of the new duos, plus those that will continue, there were few 'pieces' left to match... In fact, right now, only Virginia Riera and Tamara Icardo are without partners... And everything seems to indicate that they will unite their paths.

It should be noted that Delfi Brea and Sofia already met in a tournament in 2022... It was at the Tampere Exhibition, in which they took the win.

Although it was thought that Sofia Araujo would start the season with Lucía Sainz... The Catalan recently indicated that she would launch a sports project together with Aránzazu Osoro.

At the same time, Delfi Brea separated from Tamara Icardo in the second leg of the campaign. Since then, he played alongside Marta Marrero and stayed at the gates of the Masters Finals, of which she was one of the substitutes.

Through your social networks, Argentina highlighted: “With a lot of desire to go for everything… Let's goooossssss!!”.

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