Crotone, new 'Italian conquest' for Grupo Pādel Nuestro

Crotone, new 'Italian conquest' for Grupo Pādel Nuestro

New and important step forward in the international project of Grupo Pādel Nuestro. A new store arrives in Italian lands

PadelInside .- True to its innovative spirit, dynamic and always looking to respond to the needs of fans from anywhere on the planet… The day 06 November we will attend the opening of Pādel Nuestro Store Crotone… A new physical point to continue bringing the best quality padel products to Italian lands!!!

Present in Palermo, Roma, Bologna, Syracuse, Valmontone, Milan, Catania or Brescia, the time has come for the fans of the Crotone Region (on the Eastern Coast of Calabria)… Count on a clear reference when buying the products of your favorite brands.

According to recent studies, Italy is one of the European Union countries in which this sport has experienced the greatest growth in recent years. Currently, It is estimated that the number of tracks in 2023 will be more than 7400… Which means a growth of 289% with respect to 2020. Market of great strategic importance, from Grupo Pādel Nuestro has bet strongly… For intensifying its presence with the aim of fully exploiting its limitless potential.

True to the spirit of the company always offer the best prices, Pādel Nuestro Store Crotone will have some very attractive offers... With which customers will have no excuses not to get the padel racket, the slipper, the paletero, the textile or accessories of your dreams.

Crotone Store Data

Located just 5 minutes from the main streets and avenues of the city, It is located in an accessible area and with influx for all.

Location: Via XXV Aprile 178.

telephone: +3395357724

Opening date: Domingo, 06 of November.

Expansion of Grupo Pādel Nuestro

With the opening of Pādel Nuestro Store Crotone, the company expands its list of physical stores around the world. More than 40 establishments, they are not only present in Spain… They also have a presence in France, Sweden, Netherlands, Andorra and Portugal.

We are Padel!!!

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