Corruption in the International Padel

Corruption in the International Padel

Then, We leave you with a new documented article on the corruption that currently surrounds the international paddle

PadelInside .- Dear readers… As you well know, our outlet is firmly committed to freedom of expression, with 'journalistic non-censorship' and with the search for the truth... Among other fundamental premises. That is why we have been advancing information that not everyone dares to publish... Something that we will do again on this occasion and that directly affects the supposed 'high spheres' of international paddle tennis.

We will explain to you everything that happens on the audio that you can listen to or read since we have made the transcription. This link comes to us through a European leader who, as is evident, will not be identified by us... And that he urged us at the time to investigate in this regard... Since it may be of interest.

Faithful to our vocation of service to the fans, we will present the facts fairly. We will leave the evaluations for the readers themselves.. Our mission is only to present the information accurately and truthfully..

We must warn that, for the pages in other languages ​​that our medium owns, a translator is used. Therefore, The circumstance may occur that it does not have the literalness that is expressed in this article in Spanish.

To give more consistency to the information we share, We have tried to contact some of the people who appear here reflected. in recent times, two people from one of the Federations involved in the audios have granted us a video call to address this and other issues. In the same, They emphasized that we did not have authorization to record it, but we did have authorization to take any notes in this regard... And they mentioned to us so that we could point out that the President of the same was not present in said conversation but that he did know of its existence and authorized it... Since that everyone was aware of the veracity of what is going to be expressed. It is the Dominican Padel Federation.

the link is:

Corruption in the International Padel

Luigi Carraro buys votes in his election for President of the International Federation and tries to blackmail others without success

“- Sergio, We have to make a concrete speech with Peter.

Everybody here says that Peter is voting for Ricardo..

I tell you something Sergio ... We have a historic possibility of ending people like Patti and Ricardo for paddle tennis. But you have to vote for me. Patti is going to quit. I confirm. I need your votes and from Canada.

You tell me what we have to do.

I trust you.

But you, you have to find an agreement with him.

You have…everything…you tell me: Luigi we do like this, we do it this way.

You tell me we have to do "a sponsorship" for him, a “sponsorship” for you…

you have me... me, I need these ten votes.

They are very important.

You tell me something? Thank you, amigo.

– because i tell you one thing, I'll tell you better tomorrow.

I got, thanks to the Italian Olympic Committee that Daniel Patti is never in the Padel Federation again. Term. Term. Trust me.

I have no agreement with him.

He is not going to be Secretary General, nothing for nothing.

I am going to confirm this Secretary General because we cannot change everything now... But I tell you later we will have time to do things.

We're going to talk about it with Fabrice and we're going to….

But you can be sure with me that Patti, no this. ¿Ok?

big hug friend

– Dear Sergio. How are you?

If you can talk to Fabrice, can you tell him that.... Uhhh… I'll be back Tuesday in Europe because I'm going to Brazil right now. I have to work there. I am in Europe on Tuesday and if he is, I call it, and we talked.

We have to meet the three. ¿OK?

"Dai" Sergio is that we have to start a new stage of the FIP.

Because I, I would really like that all that until today were your criticisms...

a lot of time, many times… uhhh… many times…. uhhh… your criticisms were correct…

I would like that now they will start to be… uhhh… collaborations… All together, to do well for the paddle. A hug

Sergio is the President of the Padel Federation of the Dominican Republic.

Peter is the President of the Padel Federation of Canada.

Ricardo is the President of the Portuguese Padel Federation

Daniel Patti is the previous President of the International Padel Federation

Fabrice is the President of APT

The Secretary General is Francisco Marín

The elections were two days later and, with the unexpected change of two countries with 12 votes every… Luigi Carraro won against all expectations.

What was the price paid?

“a patronage for him, a sponsorship for you…”

Do you support corruption??

After having listened or read what is presented, we are addressed some questions about it.

Where do these audios come from?? The answer they give us is simple.: They come from a claim that is produced by the Dominican Padel Federation (hereinafter FEDOPADEL)… Caused by the desperation of the behavior of the president and his board of directors.

Did it happen immediately? No, it occurred some time later. It was thought that it was too strong or problematic and did not want to get into conflict. It was preferred to let events evolve, to see how they developed. "But, in the end we had no choice but to bring it to the fore. Even Mr. Carraro was congratulated at the time, despite this. They have to understand that, after everything that happened with Mr. Patti, We all wanted a change.", the leaders of FEDOPADEL pointed out.

But this was the claim they made, with this audio and video? “No, this montage comes from some source of which we have no record. The claim that was presented included audio support plus a written document so that the Disciplinary Departments could act. as is evident, when you control the Disciplinary Committee and the Appeal Committee you can do whatever you want, which is what has happened throughout the term of Mr. Carraro.

That is to say, You had nothing to do with the making of this video? "That's how it is. But it is true what is said in them. Everything is documented and registered in the emails of the FIP and the rest of the Federations, pseudo federations, federation fictions, clubs and the like.

Why do they say the latter?? "Very easy. The IFJ is made up of documentary falsehoods, false attributions of Federations that do not exist and that say they are responsible for sport in the country... Being false. All this supposedly (are laughing right now)”.

Do you have proof of this?? "Yes. Besides, with claims before the FIP bodies and nothing has happened. as we tell them, everything is well documented. if you do a little research, they will see how they are surprised (They gave us some indications so that we could compare data and we will face said journalistic investigation)”.

Did you read the article that was published on 11 from January 'Tennis will take control of paddle tennis in 2023: Luigi Carraro and the Trojan Horse’? "Yes, we read it”.

What did you think? “Very truthful. The truth that reflects reality very well, but it's just the tip of the iceberg. There is much more, but much more”.

About the GAISF being deceived, what do you think? "From our point of view, based on documentary evidence, we assure you that it is. The IFJ is a billow of smoke. Coldly we tell them that paddle tennis does not deserve the governance of this class of people ".

We know that they have been expelled from the IFJ, it is right? “Bueno, no one has told us anything. In principle we were sanctioned, the expulsion was voted and it came out yes. What happens is that the FIP votes are very curious. They use the percentages when they want and proof of this is India, the increase in Paraguayan votes, the inclusion of Iran, among other outrages... They vote for entities that do not exist, etc. But have no doubt that the expulsion is determined because FEDOPADEL has not allowed himself to be BRIBERED at any time... It's more, has tried to highlight all the statutory violations that have occurred and, thus, FEDOPADEL began to send letters... In which we insisted on violations of the laws of the Federation ".

You have said that other federations also knew this, it's true? “Not only Federations or the like knew about it… Also the Spanish media that looked elsewhere. Only one medium asked the President FEDOPADEL if he was going to resign after openly recriminating all the Federations that used the claim to make this setup. How sad, absurd question. We believe that gravity was in what the audios say, but that's how it was. The media made it easy: Shut up and more when it seems that, if you publish something truthful but against the established order, you are the enemy. The same will surely happen to you.. They will stop advertising, and maybe they will get some warning messages or the like”.

Could you tell us what means? “No, we prefer not to make it public. I hope you respect our decision.. Them, who know who they are, if you want them to say it. The curious thing is that in Spain, a country that has freedom of the press, Perhaps some, by traveling so much to countries that do not have this right, have clouded their reason… Or they have been convinced in another way”.

Did you contact Peter Schwartz (Presidente de Padel Association of Canada, hereinafter PAC)? Yes, obviously... Also with the manager Ezequiel Quian who, Today, continues as manager. It has always played a very relevant role in all the claims filed. We do not understand, after all that he has tried to fight corruption and the wrongdoing that, Today, is supporting those who criticized so much and against whom he fought. Are those curiosities of life or other things. They were aware of everything and participated in the claim. Besides, there are more audios sent, that have not been published but have been delivered to all IFJ members. They wanted to report it immediately but they preferred to see how the change evolved... But what if they wanted to report it".

"If you will allow us a few words, We will tell them that what has happened is terrible, It happens and it will happen if this is not stopped. they lie, falsify data, they do not attend to anything. Inclusive, they affirm that our President is right about things and what they do: Anything. It is said that they want to kill off people like Ricardo (Ricardo Oliveira, President of the Portuguese Padel Federation) and Daniel Patti who, Today, still in IFJ. Why no one asks the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI), What did your intervention consist of so that Patti resigned... What happened there?? What involvement does the CONI have?”.

And now, what about FEDOPADEL? "We continue working for the benefit of paddle tennis. We have some very interesting meetings coming up that we think will be of great importance.. We are part of the Continental American Padel Federation (CAPF) and IFAP, the Intercontinental Padel Federation”.

But, why have they attended to this medium now? "Very easy. because they have guaranteed us that they will publish the things that are true and, thus, with the calm that the past time has given us... We are going to publicly remove everything that has been produced and claimed illegally... So that there is a global vision of all the smoke that is the FIP that, for putting up a flag, are able to say that there is a Federation. If the GAISF recognizes this International Federation, With everything he is doing and what he has 'supposedly' lied to, we will lose all belief in the purity of the sport.".

A question that has also caught our attention... Why does the name of Fabrice appear? Is it Fabrice Pastor? "Yes, it is right. He was vice president of FEDOPADEL. If they pull from the newspaper library, They will see what opinion Mr. Pastor deserves President Carraro. They will leave doubts quickly about everything that happened ".

Do you know if the president of the Spanish Padel Federation is aware of this?? “Not only is he aware of what happened. He is complicit in more outrages that have occurred and that, as IFJ leader, You know. What happens is that when the wind blows in one direction the vane moves to the sound of it.. When President Garbisu was there, they scolded him everywhere for defending the legitimacy of things. Time will put everyone in their place, at least that is the hope… And the weather vanes, keep moving to the sound of the wind”.

By last, They told us that they will make public the arguments that were used for the suspension and expulsion... Countering everything that is argued, to defend, as they show us "the honor to a federation that has acted correctly".

there was more conversation, much more conversation. In accordance with this, The editorial team has decided to launch a section of articles that will be called 'The FIP File: In case of ……'

In her, we will mention our investigations, taking into account the information to which we have access... As well as our sources and informants.

We warn that anyone who is affected by any article has the right to reply in this medium... And they will be treated like any other person, with the corresponding publication.

we have verified, how could it be otherwise, the existence of the claim... Confirmed by some European leaders who asked us not to be identified.

There will also be an interview with the top leader of FEDOPADEL so that he can clarify any question in this regard..

By the editorial, We leave this article for everyone to do their own analysis. What we will continue to do is publish everything that is documented. The paddle is for everyone and the sport must be pure, in all its fields.

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