This Reiter: The goodbye of a number 1

This Reiter: The goodbye of a number 1

Came the day. Ceci Reiter announced on her social networks that the time had come to end her stage as a professional player

PadelInside .- Then, we leave you with the message with which one of the best players in the history of the Women's Circuit... Confirmed her withdrawal from something more than a simple 'profession' for her.

"It's never easy to say goodbye. And even more so if that means leaving behind what I've been doing for the last 25 years of my life.

The time has come to hang up the shovel and I do it with nostalgia but also with joy. I leave knowing that every day I entered the court I tried to do my best..

Sometimes things went very well and others very badly. But I have the peace of mind of having left my heart at each point, of having fought... and never having thrown in the towel cuando las cosas se pusieron feas.

I take countless memories and many beautiful people who accompanied me on this beautiful adventure..

Thanks to each of my colleagues, porque I learned something from all of them and they made me a better player and a better person. especially Carol, porque I had the pleasure of fighting with her during 12 long years… In which I got everything I had proposed and more.

Thanks to all my coaches for giving me what I needed at every moment of my career. To my rivals for making me overcome every day and also for being great friends in difficult times. Because above all we are people, Y the most beautiful thing that I take with me are precisely those friendships that transcended the rivalry that existed on the field.

Y por último to my family, for supporting me in my desire to be a professional despite those 10 mil km que nos separaron tanto tiempo y que nos robaron tantos lindos momentos. You are responsible for me being able to fulfill my dream.

I consider myself immensely lucky to have experienced everything that paddle tennis gave me. I got many more things than I imagined when with 11 years ago I wielded a shovel for the first time. I fulfilled all the dreams I could imagine and I really enjoyed it.

I never liked goodbyes, así que I prefer to think that this is a see you later. 'Cause I'm never leaving at all. The paddle was, It is and will be my passion and I will always be close to that 20×10 in which I lived the best moments of my life.

Thank you, gracias, gracias

This Reiter”.

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