Changes in the World Padel Tour Directive

Changes in the World Padel Tour Directive

The World Padel Tour team has decided to carry out a complete reorganization of its Management Structure in view of the new challenges that they will have to face from the season 2023

PadelInside .- As has been known, The new organizational chart will create two General Sub-Directorates that will encompass the different work teams. Luis Torres, until now Director of National Expansion, and Enrique Marques, until now Director of Communication... They will be the new Deputy Directors General of World Padel Tour.

The first subdirection, Directed by Luis Torres, will bring together the responsibilities related to national tests... As well as the business areas affected. in the second case, the sub-directorate led by Enrique Marqués, will include the International Department... And everything related to Communication and Media Rights.

At the same time, Some strategic areas such as the Communication Department and the Sports Department will be strengthened. Raúl Arias and Uri Botello will join the Competition Area... While Ignacio Palencia and José Luis García Montes will become Chief Editor in the Communication Department.

With these changes in your Directive, from WPT they hope to "invigorate and strengthen its structure to face the coming seasons with guarantees".

Source and Image: World Padel Tour

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