Aris Patiniotis and Nacho Sager… Illusion and a long way to go

Aris Patiniotis and Nacho Sager… Illusion and a long way to go

Ready to start their adventure... Aris Patiniotis will share the track with the young Nacho Sager

PadelInside .- We continue to reveal the couples for the season 2023. The activity does not stop in this intense and exciting Transfer Market… And we already know that one of the new duos that we will see in action will be the one formed by Aris Patiniotis – Nacho Sager.

Aris regresó la campaña pasada a la competición tras su rotura del tendón de Aquiles. The Argentine made the following reflection after finishing a difficult year for him as it was 2022:

“difficult year, hard to take, to accept that each year we are in a different situation. we are changing, the years go by and we have to understand what position we are in.

Volvía de una de las lesiones más duras que tiene el deporte profesional… Donde la cabeza sigue pensando poder volver donde lo dejaste pero el cuerpo te dice que no. And I would get up every morning and try to run, to jump, turn but the body kept telling me that I couldn't.

That is when the mind begins to play an important role... Nerves, the anxiety, knowing where you could be and you are not. Todo esto te lleva a entrar a una cancha de pádel y sufrir, not being able to enjoy... Not even a drop, of a good play, you are welcome. And it is when one thinks and says: why suffer so much? If I could be at home in peace, go to Argentina where I was born, where I have all my family… Back to Sorrentine Sundays and Coca Cola, afternoons on the beach in Mardel with my friends, my olds, brothers, nephews, all.

By the time I come back from a workout unable to walk from the pain, without being able to finish it, of a tournament that I lost without even having sweated the shirt. That's when my mom's message is telling me to keep going and to hold on... My dad's video call, my brothers, my girlfriend, my friends congratulating me that even if it was I was able to play again and finish a game. Your coaches who tell you to continue, that you fight, that you try… It won't be easy but it can be done.

No me gusta escribir estas cosas… Pero aún así quiero agradecerles a cada una de las personas, that are few, but they did not let me fall or abandon. They know who they are.

I finished the year without any injury and that was my great challenge in 2022.".

Patiniotis ended the season ranked No. 131 of the Ranking, tras sólo disputar las Previas de algunos torneos.

In 2023 su compañero será Nacho Sager. El revés de Malabrigo ocupa el puesto nº 178… Pero acabó el 2022 The best way possible: Con el título de campeón, with Matias Diaz, of the CUPRA FIP Finals.

As has been known, se entrenarán en la C.E.P.A.C ACADEMY de la mano de Matías Díaz y Gastón Malacalza.

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