Areco Malmo Padel Open: No room for truce in the 'battle for the semis'

Areco Malmo Padel Open: No room for truce in the 'battle for the semis'

We already know the results of the exciting round of 16 of the Areco Malmö Padel Open. No option for rest, all the contenders had to give themselves to the maximum

PadelInside.- one more day, the activity returned to a tournament ... What allowed fans to enjoy the best padel in the world!! Players 'did their part', offering impossible blows and actions full of magic.

In one of the clashes of the day, Sanyo Gutiérrez – Agustín Tapia showed that they are in great shape and managed to carry out their commitment. with a firm step, they were very solid against the combative Eduardo Alonso – Juanlu Esbri. With a marker 6-4, 3-6 Y 6-3 ensured their presence in rooms.

For your part, Ale Galán - Juan Lebrón did not fail and left Agustín Gutiérrez - José Rico on the way. No room for 'argument,' the numbers 1 they won with authority 6-2 Y 6-0.

Martín di Nenno – Coki Nieto prolonged their great form and showed that in this event they will go all out. Both knew how to work to not give Teo Zapata options – Antón Sans (6-4 Y 7-5). And then… Surprise!! while Agustín Gómez Silingo – Juan Cruz Belluati stepped forward and they eliminated Fernando Belasteguín - Arturo Coello (2-6, 7-6 Y 6-4). It was in a vibrating shock.

Other results of the day at the Areco Malmö Padel Open

We arrived at one of the matches of the day... Pablo Lima - Franco Stupaczuk gave a lesson in good paddle tennis and dominated from start to finish... highly toned, They defeated a duo that had performed at a high level in this appointment: Javier Leal – Javier Rico. The score was 6-1 Y 6-4.

Those who could not take a new step forward in their aspirations were Salva Oria - Jorge Ruiz… And it is that they were overcome for some brave Maxi Sanchez – Lucho Capra (6-2 Y 6-4)… while Gonzalo Rubio – Alejandro Arroyo claimed their share of protagonism and they were able to beat Pablo Lijó – Javi Ruiz. The result was 7-6 Y 6-1.

To end, fight to the end… Paquito Navarro – Juan Tello certified their presence in the next round but had to overcome the resistance offered by Lucas Campagnolo – Jon Sanz. The duel was decided with a score of 7-6, 3-6 Y 6-1.

The activity does not stop at the Areco Malmö Padel Open and we can only say… Enjoy the Game!!!

Remember that you can review all the crosses and markers of the round of 16 by clicking on this link.

Images: World Padel Tour

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