AEJP launches its Job Offers Bulletin

AEJP launches its Job Offers Bulletin

The AEJP team takes an important step forward, with the start of communications on Job Offers

PadelInside .- Then, We leave you with the statement issued from the Association:


Dear members and affiliates:

We are pleased to inform you that it is starting up, as planned, a weekly or fortnightly newsletter of job offers.

Besides, soon, We will inform you of our Training Offer and Preparation for Oppositions. With her, our affiliates and affiliated partners will have at their disposal a tool with which to face the hard path of the oppositions from an economic and efficient perspective.

Our commitment continues to be maximum and employability is part of it. Sport gives us values ​​that can be applied to everyday life.

In a changing society, and with the uncertainty of the sports field, training is a priority, the preparation for after leaving the slopes... Or to combine this with other areas.

Both the Association as the Union defend the rights of athletes, as has already been shown. Both are the most numerous groups in the world... More than those that are presumed to be more media-oriented whose purposes, first, are less ambitious and that only a few will watch. That is why we will continue working for our social mass, always in favor of their collective and individual interests.

Our institutions provide added value in matters such as Labor, Fiscal, Legal, general advice, Collective negotiation, search for our own Collective Agreement for athletes as well as for coaches and anyone who has to do with paddle tennis.

If you want more information, You can do it through the following email address:

And remember that you are not alone... Join!!”.


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